Peace flows easy, like a river, calm
And steady as the rising dawn.
I smile.

Strength and confidence abound.
Mine is clarity of sight and sound,
Visibility for miles.

I set out to work hard and run fast and play,
And on bright sunny days we laugh the whole way.
I give all.

I finish strong and settle in,
My mind filled with images of the day’s has-been.
Night falls.

I rest in the shadow of the Almighty, Most High,
But when darkness comes and covers my eyes
I freeze.

My faith seemed unstoppable, unshakeable, real!
A chill rushes in, my peace to steal.
The breeze

Knocks me over like a hurricane gust
That sends me spinning in irrational mistrust.
I breathe

Deeply, in and out, reciting the Truth.
My whole mind, body and soul beg to see proof
Of relief.

Pressing me thin, and from every side
I scramble, looking high and wide
For an out.

I sink down under the weight
Of hopeless exhaustion and threats, like bait.
My mouth

Utters prayer and desperation cries
Into the darkness of night’s disguise.
I bend.

Where is my faith that once seemed real?
I’ve hope for tomorrow’s seed but not today’s meal.
And then

Deep from within, the Truth bubbles up.
Love and a sound mind, my portion, my cup.

I Am is King, and in Him we win.
Fear is illusion and darkness, sin,
It breaks.

On high ground I find my rest.
My body gives way to the beat in His chest.
It wakes

All my senses to the truest dimension.
Heaven on earth, in tension,

Fear nothing – not wolves, not arrows, not sickness.
I stand untouched, and He spans the distance,
West to east,

To save and set free, to render us undone
By the love of a Father who gave up his Son
To reconcile.

So quick to forget but there’s grace to remember.
To win this battle, I must only surrender.
I smile.


9 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. Exactly that!
    How precise were your words!
    That was deeply true!
    It’s interesting to know that even in different countries and cultures and circunstances we can still feel a similar touch of God!
    Thank you so much for putting this out there, you are gifted!
    God bless.


  2. reminded as I read the opening of your poem … Peace is pressure … And it overcomes all pressure as we rest in it in Jesus. When the panic of the night raced through the lines I felt the pressure of that peace doing it’s work – literally bubbling up. For me this poem will be a treasure to treasure xx thanks for sharing x


  3. Hi Lauren,
    Thank you for your beautiful courage. Writing real poetry is a vulnerable thing and to share it with the world more vulnerable still, but like the one we follow if we are willing to let others see touch and feel our wounds, they may find the faith they need to overcome, to heal and live the fullest life possible. Your poem was real, well crafted and anointed may Fathers kisses be your reward today.


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