Apparently, I’m a blogger now. Because all you have to do to be a blogger is to start a blog. Check!

I think it basically started when I married Jason AND became a mom to Elijah, Rilie and Evan… all on the same day. June 4th, 2011. And thank goodness! Because without their help, I don’t know that I’d actually have much to write about that would be worth reading. I’ve learned more in the last three-plus years than in my first twenty six put together.

And the truth is, I’m writing less for you and more for me. Is that allowed? Actually, perhaps you can relate! I’m in a season of “just get it out.” Not like a bad Facebook rant… or a stain in your favorite slouchy sweater (both of which are… uninspiring). This is more of an “intentionally take time to practice articulating what’s in your heart” kind of thing.

So, if you say yes to going on this journey with me I can make a few promises. I promise I’ll be honest, I promise you’ll be entertained, and I promise to edit for grammar. Ooooo I love good grammar!

A few other mentionable details: I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and have a B.A. in Communication Studies and Mass Media from Clemson University where I graduated in 2007. I currently live in Redding, California and work at Bethel Church where my husband and I are the Pastoral Care Overseers, among other things. We have a passion to see health and the hope of Jesus invade the lives of individuals, families, cities and nations! I go to bed at night excited about my morning cup of coffee, and I LOVE spending time in big cities (New York is my all-time fave). Ok, if I tell you any more about me you’ll have no reason to read my blog, so that’s all you get folks.