Peace flows easy, like a river, calm
And steady as the rising dawn.
I smile.

Strength and confidence abound.
Mine is clarity of sight and sound,
Visibility for miles.

I set out to work hard and run fast and play,
And on bright sunny days we laugh the whole way.
I give all.

I finish strong and settle in,
My mind filled with images of the day’s has-been.
Night falls.

I rest in the shadow of the Almighty, Most High,
But when darkness comes and covers my eyes
I freeze.

My faith seemed unstoppable, unshakeable, real!
A chill rushes in, my peace to steal.
The breeze

Knocks me over like a hurricane gust
That sends me spinning in irrational mistrust.
I breathe

Deeply, in and out, reciting the Truth.
My whole mind, body and soul beg to see proof
Of relief.

Pressing me thin, and from every side
I scramble, looking high and wide
For an out.

I sink down under the weight
Of hopeless exhaustion and threats, like bait.
My mouth

Utters prayer and desperation cries
Into the darkness of night’s disguise.
I bend.

Where is my faith that once seemed real?
I’ve hope for tomorrow’s seed but not today’s meal.
And then

Deep from within, the Truth bubbles up.
Love and a sound mind, my portion, my cup.

I Am is King, and in Him we win.
Fear is illusion and darkness, sin,
It breaks.

On high ground I find my rest.
My body gives way to the beat in His chest.
It wakes

All my senses to the truest dimension.
Heaven on earth, in tension,

Fear nothing – not wolves, not arrows, not sickness.
I stand untouched, and He spans the distance,
West to east,

To save and set free, to render us undone
By the love of a Father who gave up his Son
To reconcile.

So quick to forget but there’s grace to remember.
To win this battle, I must only surrender.
I smile.