Wide-brimmed hats are so in right now, and for that I am grateful. It’s my accessory of choice today as I try my best to sneak back in to this little space of mine, tucked away in my tiny corner of the World Wide Web. Maybe the brim of my hat hides these shy eyes, sheepishly peering out to see if you’ve noticed that I’ve been completely MIA for the last four months.

My oldest boy ever-so-encouragingly declared at the start of my blogging endeavor that I’d never be able to keep up with it like I intended. (Wow. Thanks, pal!) It turns out he was right. Monthly posts haven’t happened like I’d planned, but let’s just all acknowledge that this is entirely his fault! I mean, if he wasn’t being SUCH a teenager all the time, I’d probably have way more energy and space in my schedule to write! And don’t even feel bad for him because I’m outing him right now… he knows! Oh, he knows.

Just, please… please forgive me for being gone so long, and indulge me a little by pretending it’s my adolescent son’s fault that I haven’t been more diligent about setting time aside to do the things that are in my heart to do.

Ok, thank you. I’m done being powerless. The demands of marriage and motherhood and ministry and grocery shopping can’t get me down!

[Dramatically pulls off and tosses wide-brimmed hat to the side, shaking hair free.]

I haven’t written in months. It’s that simple. I’m over it. Stay tuned.